Make Time for Mentoring at WASHTO 2018!

Whenever I go to a conference I want to come-away with a few take-aways that I can bring back to the department and easily implement.  Mentoring is a timeless idea that can work for any organization.  Ironically January is National Mentoring Month.  I thought it was an ideal time to tell you about one of the keynote speakers for WASHTO 2018. 


Kathy Wentworth Drahosz, B.S., is the founder and President of The Training Connection, Inc., and author of The Keys to Mentoring Success. Kathy brings over twenty years of experience in business, product and people development. As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) Kathy has helped thousands of individuals worldwide experience the power of her training programs and services. A strong focus of Kathy's work has been assisting federal agencies and businesses in developing effective, formal mentoring programs. In addition to personally presenting numerous national training programs in the mentoring field, Kathy is the developer of Dynamic Mentoring Connections, Discovering the Mentor Within and Strategic Career Management; three practical approaches to unleashing human potential. Her most pioneering endeavor has been the development of "The Mentoring Connection," an innovative web-based delivery system designed to offer businesses and other organizations a tailor made, comprehensive, effective and cost-efficient method of establishing and managing formal mentoring programs and partnerships.


Mentoring is an important part of the culture at the SDDOT.  It’s cultivating the next generation of leaders and helping employees with their professional growth and development.  The benefits of a sustained and effective formal mentoring program are too numerous to mention in this blog.  That’s why we are fortunate to have a keynote speaker who is an expert on mentoring and development of successful mentoring programs. 

A formal mentoring program doesn’t work for every agency.  Kathy will also share information about the values of informal mentoring, reverse mentoring and digital (long distance) mentoring.  I hope you plan to attend Kathy’s keynote presentation on June 13, 2018 and that mentoring will be one of those take-aways for you.