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Call for Speaker Presentation Abstracts

The Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO) annual conference will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota on June 10-13, 2018.  Please consider this your official WASHTO invitation to become a breakout presentation speaker at the 2018 WASHTO Annual Conference in South Dakota.  The theme for the conference is “Great Faces Connecting Great Places”.   The hard working transportation professionals around the nation endeavor to provide America with a safe and effective transportation system.  It’s important that we continue to strive to develop the next generation of transportation leaders and maximize the opportunities to learn best practices from each other.

Due Date:   December 1, 2017 by 5:00pm CST

Abstract Length:  No more than three-page presentation abstract (1500 words), plus the online Presentation Proposal

Format: PDF or Word format

Notification of Acceptance: You will be notified in January of 2018 if your abstract was accepted for presentation at WASHTO 2018 in South Dakota.

Abstract Submission: Please submit your Presentation Proposal and abstract online.  Your abstract must be saved as either a Word document or a PDF file before uploading to the WASHTO 2018 website.  Create your presentation abstract in keeping with the guidelines provided in the Presentation Proposal.  


We are seeking presenters with transportation ideas, innovative solutions, best practices, or success stories to inspire others through an engaging presentation, while at the same time, gaining high level transportation industry exposure for the Target Audience.

Target Audience:

  • National transportation leaders and chief executive officers
  • State and federal department of transportation executives
  • Private sector transportation executives and staff
  • Engineers & Planners
  • Administrative directors and managers
  • Industry professional experts

Important: Please read the directions carefully. Submittals of speakers will receive a score based on their adherence to the criteria listed in this document.

The speaker presentation abstract must make a contribution to the WASHTO 2018 South Dakota conference theme “Great Faces Connecting Great Places”.   Speaker presentations should also align well within one of the following tracks or categories.  Please keep in mind your presentation will be used by WASHTO participants seeking professional development hours for PDH credit.  The professional development curriculum tracks are:

  1. Technical
  2. Innovation
  3. Safety
  4. Best Practices
  • The WASHTO Review Committees will consider abstract presentations dealing with other issues or topics relevant to the future of the transportation industry; however priority will be given to the abstract presentations fitting within the tracks referenced above.
  • WASHTO 2018 breakout sessions are scheduled for either 20 or 40 minute presentations, to include time for questions, wrap-up, and for transitioning to the next session or conference activity.
  • Audience interactive presentations or panel discussions are encouraged. 
  • If multiple presenters are planned, please clarify the number of presenters when you submit your abstract presentation.  You must still keep your total presentation to the time allotted.
  • All prospective breakout session presenters must register for the meeting and should be prepared to attend without expectation of compensation.
  • Abstract presentation submittals are to be clear and concise.  Don’t forget to spell check! 

Review Criteria:  Presentation abstracts will be evaluated on how well the abstract meets the following criteria.

  • The abstract presentation must have a clearly defined topic, with focused objectives meeting the track criteria guidelines.
  • The abstract presentation addresses and contributes to the conference theme of “Great Faces Connecting Great Places”.
  • The abstract presentation has wide appeal and high interest to WASHTO’s target audience.
  • The abstract presentation addresses WASHTO and/or AASHTO purpose and strategic goals.  


Track Criteria Guidelines

1.      Technical

  • Transportation related design, material, or construction solutions to complex engineering problems
  • Intermodal planning and connections
  • Flexibility in design to meet changing priorities and change in federal regulations
  • Designing to new technologies and autonomy of transportation systems

2.      Innovation

  • Integrating technology and practices such as 3D-6D design, CIM (Civil Integrated Management), and ICST (Intelligent Construction and Systems Technologies) to benefit transportation assessment
  • Emerging technology application and/or processes to improve efficiencies, service delivery and reduce costs
  • Collaboration tools to fit changing workforce dynamics
  • Solutions meeting future needs for resiliency in transportation deliverables

3.      Safety

  • Safety on the highway in an every-changing environment
  • Providing the most cost effective safety solutions
  • Keeping up with the latest safety innovations
  • Improvingdriver safety during inclement weather events
  • Influencing driver behavior through messaging, in roadway treatments, and enforcement
  • Coordination or Effective Partnering with Tribal/Local Governments, Law Enforcement or EMS to improve safety
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety
  • Alcohol and controlled substance use effects on drivers

4.      Best Practices

  • Forecasting future needs to help shape transportation policy
  • Effective methodologies and adapting to the changing transportation environment
  • Interaction with the media and electronic communication
  • Best practices for stakeholder interaction
  • Preservation and asset management of our infrastructure
  • Staff development and retention best practices
  • Public/private partnerships

WASHTO THANKS YOU - for honoring your state, and the transportation industry!