June 10-13, 2018  |  Rapid city, South Dakota

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On June 10-13, transportation professionals will gather in Rapid City, South Dakota for the 2018 Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO) Annual Conference. 

WASHTO 2018 will be attended by State Department of Transportation Directors, Chief Engineers, and executive leadership from the 18 western most states in the country, as well as executives from the US Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration. Other notable attendees are national transportation leaders from the private sector and academia. 
Approximately 500 attendees will be on hand to experience WASHTO 2018, which will feature informative breakout sessions, technical tours and information covering all areas of interest in highway transportation.

Attendee Registration

  • CEO & CEO Designee - $550 before May 10,  $650 after May 10
  • General Attendee - $550 before May 10,  $650 after May 10
  • Speaker / Presenter - $550 before May 10,  $650 after May 10
  • Spouse / Guest - $275  before May 10,  $325 after May 10
  • Child (18 and under) - $125 before May 10,  $150 after May 10
  • One Day Registration - $250 before May 10,  $300 after May 10

If you need to register after this date, you must email info@meetingsystems.com. 

Refunds for attendee registrations will only be issued if requested in writing on or before May 10, 2018. No refunds will be given after this date. Send refund requests to info@meetingsystems.com. Please note, there will be a 15% cancellation fee deducted from the original registration fee refunded. No refunds will be issued to those who register but do not attend. Substitution for those registered but unable to attend are accepted and encouraged.

Greetings from the Mt. Rushmore State, South Dakota!

It is my privilege to invite you to Rapid City for WASHTO 2018 Annual Conference on June 10-13, 2018. 

Our theme for the conference is “Great Faces Connecting Great Places.”  The hard working transportation professionals around the nation endeavor to provide America with a safe and effective transportation system.  It’s important that we continue to strive to develop the next generation of transportation experts and maximize the opportunities to learn best practices from each other.  WASHTO 2018 is a perfect occasion to do both. 

The South Dakota Department of Transportation staff is looking forward to hosting our counterparts and stakeholders from the WASHTO states and across the nation.  We promise you will be engaged, enlightened and entertained.  Our agenda is action-packed to ensure good use of your time but also includes opportunities to see some of the great places in the Black Hills of South Dakota. 

Throughout the coming year I will periodically blogging about South Dakota and WASHTO 2018 events.  I don’t want to spoil all the surprises we have in store for you now.  Check the website every so often to learn more about WASHTO 2018. 

For those of you that plan ahead, Rapid City has four major air carriers:  Allegiant, American, Delta and United.  You won’t have any trouble flying in or out of Rapid City. 

So I don’t forget to tell you…leave the business suits at home…we keep it pretty casual in South Dakota. 

Plan to join me in Rapid City for WASHTO 2018. We’ve got a lot of a great faces working to make sure you have a great adventure.



Darin P. Bergquist, Secretary
South Dakota Department of Transportation


    Thank you to our BLACK HILLS GOLD SPONSORs